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ATTENTION VILLAGE RESIDENTS: Our water is tested by the Elmira Water Board. If someone comes to your house wanting to test your water DO NOT LET THEM IN!




Dear Water Consumer,

Please be aware that beginning at 6pm on October 2nd and 3rd , 2015 the Village will be flow testing all fire hydrants. This process will continue throughout the night. It is possible that you may notice slight discoloration or decreased water pressure. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Thank you,

Village of Wellsburg Water Authority



October 25, 2010 Water Meeting regarding the Apartment Billing Policy Minutes can be viewed here:

               – Special Water Meeting – October 25, 2010

              – Water Rate Letter to the Residents
– New Billing Structure Beginning June 1, 2012 – Letter to the Residents            

Water quality Report-2014

Water Quality Report 2016



Water Rules and Regulations Book

Title Page
Table of contents
Table of contents – Page 1
Page 2 – 3
Page 4 – 5
Page 6 – 7
Page 8 – 9
Page 10 – 11
Page 12 – 13
Appendix A – B

Water Rules and Regs Amendments 


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