Congressman Reed’s Letter to the Village of Wellsburg concerning the New Fire Department

Written by lputtle on April 22nd, 2013



I write to advise I was able to hold a conference call with FEMA Administrator Fugate this morning to discuss the inadequacies of FEMA Region II processing of the public assistance application for relocation of the fire station.   It was stressed that the lack of organization, communication and subsequent delays by FEMA has placed undue anxiety and financial burden on the Village Officials, and the taxpayers. The Administrator acknowledged these issues and I  am hopeful this will lead to a stronger performance in regard to the subject application.


Further, Administrator Fugate advised that the application is moving through the EHP & EA process, which will include a public comment period, and being sent over for Congressional review with the PW award being in excess of $1M.  I will give my support to have the Congressional review for the obligation of the funds.   The FEMA team in DC and the Region have been provided my personal email address for updates on the progress and to avoid any further delays in the handling.  Drew Wayne in my DC office and Lee James in the Olean DO office will continue to monitor the final stages of the process.


The discussion brought forth acknowledgement from Administrator Fugate that they are undergoing some internal review of their leadership, and have placed Region III Administrator MaryAnn Tierney in a position to assist in overseeing Region II.   The need for Legislative changes to the FEMA Public Assistance application process was addressed by Administrator Fugate.  Legislation that is being put forth in the wake of Sandy and will support changes to help streamline the public assistance process in the future.


It is paramount to our team that we be of assistance to our constituents in matters such as these and look forward to having a conclusion of the issue with the funding being obligated for the relocation sometime around June 2013 if the present timeline holds.  Please know that my staff and I stand ready to assist and feel free to reach out to us at anytime.







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